samedi 19 mars 2016

trek d'atar

Desert tour with Sid Ahmed

Chinguitti – Tergit
Five days 10/03/11 – 15/03/11

Sid Ahmed welcomed me and my girlfriend with open arms to his relaxed and familiar auberge in Atar. The Mauritanian hospitality hit us like a storm, with a nice breakfast, even though we checked in for the next night, and late on a big plate of couscous and dates. We felt very comfortable in Sid Ahmed's company so we decided to let him arrange a five days desert trip for us. We got a fair price from the beginning, which included everything, from camels to late night snacks. Sid Ahmed's friend Mohamed joined us with two of his camels, for carrying all our camping gear, water and food.. As we left Chinguitti, it was only us and 90 kilometers of hot fantastic desert to cover by foot in five days. The service we received was absolutely top notch. Fresh bread baked in the sand for breakfast, relaxed lunches under shady trees and mauritanian dinners under the stars with interesting conversations and cultural exchange, and of course plenty of hot sweet tea. Sid Ahmed is very knowledgeable about the desert and is always near on sharing new interesting facts and stories.
He tookus through some of the nicest places in the Adrar region. We cannot be anything else than happy that we had the opportunity to meet and spend time together with such an interesting, knowledgeable, warm heart and professional person as Sid Ahmed. He made our trip a memory for the rest of our lives. We hope other tourists get the opportunity to explore mighty Sahara together with Sid Ahmed.

Johan Uddman and Sheena Leong / Sweden and Australia

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